White Lightning Shoe Sole Cleaner


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White Lightning

 Rubber Sole Cleaner Made Specifically For Shoes on the Market Today. Achieve Quick Results. 

If your shoe sole needs restoring, White Lightning will brighten your sneakers sole with little to no effort. White Lightning is a breakthrough cleaner specifically engineered to remove the harshest scuffs, grease and grime from even the dirtiest soles. Designed to be used on all colors of rubber. White Lightning makes the rubber on your shoes look new again.

Not meant for clear soles that have yellowed 

We all know the dirtiest part of a sneaker is the part that touches the ground. with A few sprays of White Lightning and some light agitation with an old toothbrush it can have your shoe soles looking new again.

The product has gone through extensive testing and definitely works. We stand behind it 100 percent! If you have any problems with it, just let us know.

Unlike other sole cleaners on the market, this product contains no bleach which has been shown to yellow soles.

Directions for Use: Spray onto surface or cleaning towel. Work-in. Agitate with a damp towel or toothbrush and wipe dry.

Keep out of reach of children. See bottle for emergency procedures if the product gets consumed, on your skin or in your eyes.

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