Windshield Repair


Windshield Crack Repair vs Rock Chip Repair.

Windshield Repair:  Need A Quote?

A combination of modern technology and a skilled windshield repair tech, to restore stone damaged areas on a windshield using special clear adhesive resin. Previously damaged areas after repair will restore its strength and most of the clarity.

Windshield Crack Repair up to 12″:

Shops out there claim they can repair long cracks up to around 12″ but they don’t perform auto glass replacements.

After seeing hundreds and hundreds of windshield repairs done by repair shops from all over. There is one thing we can tell, Experienced and Non Experienced!

The reason why auto glass repair shops should not repair cracks over the size of a half dollar. Cracks can spread in a short time after a windshield repair like this has been performed.

Also, what good is a long crack repair when you could still get a fix-it ticket for a cracked windshield.

Not to mention the glare you still get from some parts of the crack.

What Would You Rather Have?

Some companies will charge you around $100 to perform a long crack repair. In which will leave a line or glare still were the crack was before repair. Majority of the time, within a week a different crack shows up on the other side because the windshield repair failed.

Auto glass shops should offers both repairs and replacements, usually the charge for repairs are $60.00 for up to the size of a half dollar. Windshield replacements run around $200.00 on average. (Every year, make, and model will vary) Windshields now a days have so many different factors when it comes to sensors and cameras. This is why prices have a large sway in prices.

Don’t  risk paying the money for a long crack repair that will leave your windshield with an ugly glare.

Windshield repair warranty:

Repair ONLY shops give you the money back, ONLY if the repair fails, guess what? Months down the road when you have lost your receipt or you don’t wan’t to hassle with going to get your money back, you will still have to get a windshield replacement done.

Windshield repair shops should offer money back guarantee or put it  towards your new windshield.  Windshield repairs that have previously been done, cannot be repaired twice. There for it will need to be replaced.

Regardless of the severity of the windshield repair needed, you’ll need to find a quality auto glass replacement and repair company.

Since there is always a risk that a windshield crack repair could fail,  start off right by contacting a reputable shop. 

Insurance Cover Rock Chip Repairs:

Worried about the cost? It’s less expensive to repair a cracked windshield than it is to replace it.  Which is why many insurance companies go ahead and waive the deductible for windshield repairs up to the size of a half dollar.  As long as its not in the drivers view.

If your auto qualifies for a windshield repair there is no out of pocket expense, so call your insurance company to find out if this is an option.

Depending on your comprehensive insurance and deductible windshield replacement may also be covered. Always find out what your deductible amount is.

The next time you’re driving down the road, and hear an object hit your windshield. Based on the severity of the windshield damage, you may be able to continue on to safety,where you can call for professional help.

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Can you see a windshield chip repair

Getting a windshield repair done as soon as possible is the best thing to do. The chances of seeing the windshield chip after the repair is done depends on how soon you get it repaired. The sooner you get the windshield chip repair done the more likely it will be clearer.

Can you repair a rock chip more than once

the answer is no, their is a reason you won’t be able to repair a rock chip the second time. When performing a rock chip on a windshield you have to inject a resin in the cracks. By doing so the resin will be blocking anything else trying to go in.