Door Window Replacement


Door Window Replacement

Door window replacement is one of those jobs that when your not sure than you should probably call the professionals. There are just way to many variables when installing door windows. Different makes and model vehicles all have a unique way there door panels are installed on the door. Take this VW Jetta in the picture for example, the outer skin has to come off just to replace the door window. 

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Rear side windows on the other hand are a whole other ballgame. Most of the rear door windows on vehicles these days you have to remove the little opera glass behind it. In doing so this becomes a jigsaw puzzle on how to slide the new door glass in the door.

Yes you can watch videos out there and get a good idea on how to tackle the job yourself but just do your homework. You don’t want to get an hour into replacing it and end up breaking something. 

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With your vehicle in the hand of a professional auto glass tech you have nothing to worry about. Today auto manufacturers are installing to much technology into the vehicles auto glass. This is the reason our technicians work hard to keep up with the innovations in cars today.

For example, most of the newer vehicles door windows have an anti pinch detector. These detect if something is in between the door glass and the top frame. When the door glass detects something in the way it will stop and go back down half way. So after a door window replacement with this type of sensor on it. The door window has to be cycled in a way to reset that sensor.

Our certified Techs know that these are just a few of the many things to keep in mind when replacing your car or truck window these days.

So whatever your door glass replacement needs are, the experts at CPR Auto Glass is experienced to help.

How to replace a vehicle door window?

  1. Removing the door panel

    first you will need to locate all the hidden screws and or bolts and remove them. Once that’s done you will need to know if your door panel lifts off or pulls off the door. To find this out take a peek behind the door panel and see is there clips or hooks holding itself to the door. If its got clips pushed strait into the door than you will need to pry it strait back off the door. If the door panel has hooks then you will need to slide the panel up to remove it.

  2. Disconnect the door panel

    After the door panel is loose from the door you will need to disconnect all the power and rods from the panel.

  3. Cleaning up the door glass

    You will need a hook tool for this step. Take your tool and drag all the glass bits still in the door channel to the bottom of the door. Remove the old tabs mounted to the window regulator and set them aside if you need to reuse them. Look down inside the door and rake all the little bits of glass to the bottom. Hook up the window switch and run it up and down a few times giving it a couple of Fonzie hits. Now its time to take your vacuum and get all the bits of glass at the bottom.

  4. Installing the new door glass

    Depending on if its a front door glass or back door glass. Front door windows you usually don’t need to remove any other obstructions or bolts to install. From the outside dip the front of the door window into the door. About 2/3 the way down put the front into its channel and then rock the back into its channel. Now run it up to the top and then slide it down to the mounting area. wallah now tighten back up the 2 bolts.

  5. Reinstall the door panel

    Now reverting back to the previous step 2. Reconnect the rods and power cable. Set the top of the panel on the door and push back onto the door. Put all the screws and bolts back in there places and your done.