Safelite Auto Glass Prices VS CPR Auto Glass Prices

Safelite Auto Glass Prices

Safelite Auto Glass Prices?

Customers are asking the same question, how can your auto glass prices be cheaper than Safelite auto glass prices? Then they start to wonder if the higher priced window is better than the cheaper priced one.

Here is the reason why CPR Auto Glass Prices are the way they are.

CPR Auto Glass does’nt have high overhead cost of a store front. do to the fact we are a local based company Located in Murrieta CA. Providing customers with a quality mobile auto glass service is cheaper than having a shop. Customers hate to waste time sitting around waiting for there windshield to be installed.

In fact we can buy a window through Safelite, install it in your vehicle for cheaper than Safelite could.

Just to add, most auto glass replacement shops order from the same local warehouses. In doing so the prices we pay for the parts are the prices everyone else pays. The only way you can cut corners is reusing molding and or using inferior adhesives. We never like to cut corners, that’s how cars become a rusty leakers.

Volume vs Quality

You may find other auto glass companies out there that have even lower prices. But they may just be trying to get more volume through the shop. More volume usually mean faster pace, faster pace means lower attention to details. What i mean by that is if your rushing around trying to get out the door to go on vacation. You more than likely forgot something.

Bottom line is all auto glass repair shops are not created equal. By keeping our overhead down it allows us to provide cheaper auto glass repair and replacement cost without cutting any corners. We can take our time and still keep safety our #1 goal.