PPG Auto Glass | Made In China, Mexico Or USA

PPG Auto Glass – Factory Replacement Auto Glass

PPG Auto Glass thinks auto glass made in China or Mexico is just as good factory replacement auto glass. Just take a closer look at these pics I took of there windshield label’s.

windshield replacement glass Made in China
windshield replacement glass Made in Mexico

So if PGW/PPG lets China or Mexico manufacture PGW/PPG auto glass with their own material and machinery. Than they are saying windshield’s or door windows made in Mexico or China is just as good as USA brands.

Here is what they say, Pittsburgh Glass Works Manufactured Glass

“PGW’s principal glass production facilities are in North America and Europe. Fourteen plants operate in the United States, six of which produce automotive original and replacement glass products. Two of the company’s three facilities in Canada also produce automotive original and replacement glass.”

You would think if they needed more help on manufacturing auto glass they would start a new plant. I forgot, its cheaper for them to outsource it from across the world. Must be following the trend of becoming a shipping and receiving only state like the rest.

PGW Auto Glass China

I just had the worst experience with a windshield from PGW Auto Glass. Got a call on a 2014 BMW 535 with heads up display and a rain sensor. Ordered a new windshield from PGW and it cost me $425 to purchase. I take it to the customers house spend the 45 minutes to install the windshield and the install went flawless. I get payed finish out my day and the fallowing day I get a call from the customer saying there is a issue with the windshield. OK so I go back to the customers house to look at the windshield. Check out the YouTube video below. I really think i’m done with PGW Auto Glass, I ordered another one from them and it had the same issue.

PGW / PPG Windshield defect

New News:

I think this will be my go to from now on.

Check out the old and new windshield labels from Fuyao, Fuyao Auto Glass is originated in China.

Fuyao Auto Glass
Old Fuyao Glass Label
Auto Glass made in USA Info
New Fuyao Glass Label

Auto glass shops have been buying this brand for years. Originally the manufacturer is in China but who knows were this one came from with the American flag on it. Nice touch if there is a US factory for this brand i’m all for it.

I do see that most GM and some VW vehicles have Fuyao glass installed so it does make it an OEM brand.

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Factory Replacement Auto Glass and what this means.

Toyota Factory Replacement Windshield

 In this picture you see that Toyota has chosen the company Pilkington Glass to be there OEM supplier. Toyota may have chosen Pilkington glass to be there exclusive supplier. But only for a certain amount of there cars or truck. Of course maybe not for there whole line up of cars and trucks. Not to mention every piece of glass in each vehicle also.

Pilkington glass company has been around for many years making auto glass for all makes and model vehicles. Pilkington’s main objective is to get there auto glass to be an OEM replacement. In doing so for as many car manufacturers out there. By competing on bids to these auto makers.

Once they pick up a contract to be an OEM replacement for lets say Toyota, Chevy, BMW, or Mercedes. Who ever they bid there product to, Pilkington than stamps there name on-top. Now it’s ready for installation at there factory.

Factory Windshield Replacement without Toyota Logo

 What a Toyota Factory Replacement Looks Like.

In this picture you see a windshield made for a Toyota Highlander but it is missing the Toyota logo. The Toyota logo is missing on this windshield because it was meant for the aftermarket warehouses. Set to be sold to auto glass replacement companies world wide. By doing this Pilkington gets to sell more glass that is much needed in this high demand for a windshield replacement.

Of course you can order a windshield from Toyota to get the OEM stamp on the windshield. You will probably be waiting 3 days to a week to get it. Forget about the price you will be paying to just pick it up. It will probably be double of what it would cost you to just get a Factory replacement from a local auto glass company.

Also after finding a way to fit it into your car to get it home, just to have your local auto glass company come out to install it for you. because you know that if you have Toyota install your windshield they are just going to sub it out to one of your local auto glass shops like CPR Auto Glass anyway and charge you double of what the auto glass shops will charge them.

Also the warranty is only what your local auto glass shop will give the dealership anyway, So lets just start skipping those middlemen and start saving money.