Poor Installations

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Poor Windshield Installations Lead To Rust

Poor windshield installations most of the time is do to installers not caring that much about the owners car. In doing so the customers vehicle will end up on this page at some time in it’s lifetime.

One of the most common problems with poor installations is rust! Rust happens to vehicles when an installer scratches the paint under the windshield when removing that windshield. In doing so over time with car washes and weather the rust will start to happen.

When rust starts there is no stopping it, the only way to stop the rust is to kill it with an inhibitor.

Killing The Rust:

Now that you have a poor windshield installation with a perfectly good windshield, There is now rust under it. What has to happen is an auto glass company has to remove the windshield to get to the bottom of things. In doing so the windshield is going to break 99% of the time. TBC…